Assignment & Contract Photography

Walt is available on a contract basis as a photography director for commercial and corporate photo shoots. He also operates as a camera assistant for broadcast documentary crews working in the outdoors. Decades of work as a freelance and contracted photojournalist have instilled Walt with a strong work ethic, a dedication to delivering the highest quality end product, and a respect for deadlines.

Unlike many contracted photographers who demand additional fees for all rights to contracted work, Walt’s policy towards intellectual property created while under contract is to provide the client with full rights to all work at the set contracted price. Walt Stearns / Ocean Arts, Inc. may choose to retain some duplicate imagery for promotional purposes in the future but will not provide this imagery to a stock agency for resale. This policy ensures all imagery created under contract will never appear in a competitor’s website, brochure or ad.

Feel free to contact us for contract specific information, rates and schedules.

Walt is also available for private photo instruction, workshops, seminars, presentations and underwater guide services.