Walt Stearns

About Walt Stearns

Walt Stearns with French underwater cinematographer Didier Noirot.

Walt Stearns is a highly prolific underwater and watersports photojournalists with a career spanning 36 years in North America.

Well versed in boating, sport fishing, sport diving and marine natural history, Walt’s photography and writing skills has earned him a reputation among art directors, editors and account executives for delivering credible, accurate information and superior imagery in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Along with his journalistic talents gracing the pages of publications like Boating, (as a contributing editor 1985 to 1993), Trailer Boats, Boating Life, Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing, Field & Stream, Nature, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outdoor Photographer, Caribbean Travel & Life, Caribbean World, Skin diver Magazine (1995 to 1999), Scuba Diving Magazine to Sport Diver from their premiere issue in 1994 to 2005, Walt’s photographs have graced the covers to many of these widely-recognized magazines with nearly equal measure. Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing, Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Salt Water Fly Fishing and Florida Sportsman magazine for many years.

In addition to running his own blogsite UnderwaterJournal.com, Walt currently serves as Scuba Diver Magazine’s Editor-at-large for their North American publication Destinations.

Not to be limited to printed media, Walt has participated in numerous documentary and marine sport film projects with both national and international production companies like the BBC Natural History Unit, Plimsoll Productions, NatGeo, The Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.

In addition to Walt’s collaborative talents in photography, editing and design, which was the basis of publishing his own online magazine, the Underwater Journal, Walt’s content creation company, Oceans Arts, Inc. provides design and photographic content services for Caradonna Adventures, KISS Rebreathers, Palm Beach County Diving Association to name a few.

Walt also works with his Karen who oversees and directs all of the marketing initiatives for Wakatobi Dive Resort, through a full spectrum of content channels (magazine, trade shows, social media, etc.) by taking a proactive stance on content generation and placement. Services also include handing all social media, in addition to all maintenance of Wakatobi’s primary website and blogsite.