Ocean Arts, Inc.

Formulated and Incorporated in 1984, Ocean Arts, Inc. began exclusively as a provider for photographic services.

Today, Ocean Arts, Inc. is more than just photography, it is a full spectrum content creation and marketing agency.

At one end of the spectrum, Walt Stearns photographic and editorial skills are augmented by working knowledge of art and graphic design to rendering a final product for print or web placement. Bottomline, whether that project be something as small as a 250×250 animated gif ad for web placement to a full website as well, to something entirely intended for print; be it a two page ad for a magazine, multi-page color brochure or catalog with over 100 pages photographically illustrated cover to cover, Walt can take it from conception (design, layout, art/photo selection and placement, editing, etc.) to completion.

At the other end, Walt’s wife and business partner, Karen Stearns, is a veteran Marketing & Communications Professional who has for the past 30 years been conversant in the areas of branding initiatives covering print and digital advertising, social media campaigns, internal communications and public relations to planning and execution of live events including trade shows.

If you have heard of Wakatobi Dive Resort, then you can tip your hat to Karen, as she has served as the resort’s marketing and media relations manager for the past 10 years.

Between the two, Ocean Arts, Inc., as a business likes to take a more personalized approach with their clients. As anyone in business knows, originally produced content is key for driving the proper focus and branding of a specific destination, activity, resort property and/or operation, or lifestyle. But what is also important when creating a series of initiatives for branding and marketing, the agents carrying it out also need to a develop a proper understanding of what that product is all about along with what market it needs to be targeted at. That approach often requires taking a more proactive position both strategic and tactically for controlling the narrative for more effective organic marketing initiatives that include ad and editorial placement services to taking an admin position in social media narration and maintenance.   

It is what we do!



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